Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat!!! Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween. We spend it visiting some family in town! Delilah was so excited at Grandma's house that it was hard to get a lot of good picks, but here is one where it shows most her outfit, she was out little butterfly!

Delilah is taking after her big cousins Landon and Van, she is starting to love apples! Thanks boys for your love of apples, it is a sweet treat that takes time to eat, and I love it!!!!
Delilah is ready to bust a move, you better move out of the way because if not she will make you move! She is loving walking, she does it all the time now. She will crawl only to get into lower places. It has been fun to watch her really try. Since the wedding she is on a roll! She also love to get into thing that she shouldn't so we have the locks on the doors now to stop this crazy kid!
This is Delilah all dressed up for her Uncle Brandon and Makenna's wedding. She is a little messy because she thought she should eat everything!

We all got sick the end of September, and since then Delilah has been our little cuddle bug when she gets out of the bath! She loves staying all warm in her towel and lets me hold her. Which now rarely happens.