Sunday, December 20, 2009

This little girl loves the tree and all that comes with it! As you can see the bows do not belong on the packages, if there was one there isn't anymore! She has pulled them all off!!! She also has enjoyed using the presents as drink holders. She puts her cup on the gifts, then plays a little then comes back to the drink. She has learned the art of trying to hide things in the tree whether its her sippy cup, clothing, or her play cell phone. We have learned at our home that any decorations on the tree need to start 1/3 the way up, Grandma Merkley has hers on the bottom, which makes Delilah very happy, but not Grandma because Delilah takes them off, plays with them, and sometimes even manages to brake them. Christmas has been an adventure this year, with all the new decorations, and things to play with. Most of all Delilah loves the tree with the lights on, she touches the bulbs with such care, we are lucky that she is gentle with them!!! Hope everyone has a great Christmas, New Years is just around the corner!

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