Saturday, June 19, 2010

Delilah is worn out from Camping, she decided to take a nap for a few
Dad is teaching Delilah how to be a great hunter!

Kasen gives Delilah hugs, Delilah thinks he is the best thing, when she sees him she gets all excited, and very upset if she can't play with him!
Delilah is going to start taking lessons from Avery on how to be a lady!

For Sarah's birthday we went up camping by the rim with the Hall's, we had a lot of fun! We went up Friday and came back Saturday afternoon! Delilah loves playing in the dirt with Avery & Kasen! She got to try many new things Mindi gave her a capri sun - which she has not mastered how to drink, and then some waffer cookies, and then Delilah's favorite thing was the cheesy puffs, she would not stop eating them! Delilah by the end of the trip found a new mommy...... Mindi, Delilah thought she was the best she would give Mindi puppy dog eyes and she gave her anything. All in all we had a great time! Delilah got very dirty, but loved playing with her friends!


  1. That first picture of her is about he cutest I've ever seen. It should be entered in a contest! I can't get over her hair. I'm glad you got to do something fun for your bday!

  2. I love those pictures. How did you get the background to be fuzzy and the kids to be in focus?! You must have one of those fancy cameras. I think I need to go camping now. : )