Sunday, October 31, 2010

Today at church right after they got done in Nursery the cupcake bandit was at it again, she snuck out of class, and ran and grabbed a cupcake from a different class, and started eatting. Good thing she was the last kid in the room, or that would have made for some upset kids! Overall we had a good Halloween, Delilah had a blast, not sure if she really understood what was going on, but she loved to hold her basket and say "Rick or Treat." Now when she wants some candy she says that to us, which has been pretty funny!
At the block party they were having a cupcake walk in our drive way, and before we even got started with the evenings events Delilah had already stole a cupcake off the table. She started to lick it right away and kept saying "Hmmm this is good" so Mindi Hall keep up the good work with the cupcakes!

For Halloween our neighborhood did a block party, Delilah had fun, but she was always wanting to run, off so mommy held her most the time. This year Delilah was Alice in Wonderland, most the time Alice goes into the rabbit hole, but this Alice likes to go into the old ice box!

Delilah was acting silly in the pumpkin patch this was the best shot we could get of her, because she didn't like the sun in her eyes!
On Saturday for Halloween we went to Schnepf Farms as a family, we had so much fun, to start off the day, we got Delilah's face painted which she actually sat still for! Then we went on the train ride, and road a few other rides, she had a lot of fun!


  1. Looks like you guys had a fun family day! She is a cute little Alice :)

  2. I love reading, "Today at church...".

    Your whole "new life" still amazes me. I think it's wonderful and it makes me so happy that you go to church! I can't even tell you. There was a day you basically told me that there was no such thing as true happiness and that you were mad at God if there even was one, and now you've found Him again & are teaching your daughther to follow Him. It's so beautiful & it makes me cry! I just love you, Sarah! You're doing what's right. Keep it up--you're a great wife, mother & friend.