Saturday, October 23, 2010

With a little sister coming, we have moved everything around in our house and gave Delilah a big girl room. Just this past few days we were able to complete it, and she now has even a big girl bed, a full size. She loves her room, it is pink with lots of fun stuff. She is growing so fast it is crazy to keep up with her.

For Delilah this is an understatement! She loves shoes!!!! She thinks they are great, if she could she would wear everyone elses along with hers. We finally got her to the point of getting matching shoes to wear instead of mis-matching! After we put her in her new room the last few days when we try to put her down for nap or bed time, she is really quiet so we think she is sleeping, then she starting crying like she is hurt. So I go in there to check out the situation, and she is mad because she can't get her shoe on. So I take them off tell her it is bed time, turn around to find all her shoes all over the floor! I am to the point where I have to take her bucket of shoes out of her room when I lay her down.

Its official - Delilah is having a baby sister! Who would have guessed! We thought this whole time that it would be a boy, all Jared's family has boys even all his cousins. Delilah is surrounded by them, so naturally she would have a baby brother.....guess not! I am very excited, I really wanted another girl, Jared says he is just happy the baby is healthy!

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